100 sketches for sculpture to make, but decided a better plan was let them make themselves

As the drawings progressed I realized I was limited in the quality of the actual finished work by my own bank account. I decided to liberate myself and use an unlimited bank account of some other artist in the future, by simply doing the design with material details, so that one day this magnificent set of indecency could be created by a follower of my genius.








1. 100 IDEAS.  This drawing came after I had the idea of creating "found object" sculptures. I drew 100 thumbnail sketches, then proceeded to enlarge each quick scribble on a full 8 X 11 page in a journal I carried through 80,000 miles of touring an art performance show around America. I would then meditate on the individual sketch, until I saw something, then I would begin to unravel the scribble into the labyrinth of my mind.

2. ST. PETER.  I was in Pensacola Florida, walking on a pristine white sand beach, where many houses set in devastation after hurricane Andrew. I found a battered post of wood that had a lump of concrete around the middle section of it. That is when I thought of doing a series of found object sculptures, and so I made this drawing and added notes of materials, what I was thinking or telephone numbers of barmaids.

3. HOLY COW. Something happened right away with the drawings and I knew my funny little scribbles were going to reveal things to me I would not ordinarily think...

4. RABBIT BOAT. The first two or three sketches were safe enough for a children's book.

5. SEX UNLIMITED. I don't know if I got bored or what but one thing I know was that I was traveling over a 1000 miles a week, performing in two to three schools every day, and sitting lonely as hell in another bad beer joint in the middle of nowhere every night. MY mind began to wander.

6. PEE FOOT. The one thing I know for a fact is that I never once consciously projected what I was going to draw, but would just stare at the wiggling lines until I saw some kind of form, and then I would just follow them to where they led.

7. HONEY MOON. The titles came after the fact of the drawing, and sometimes the title itself would relate to some memory or a story someone had told me. Also at this point I realized it would be more fun if I could actually use any material I desired such as gold, diamonds or enriched uranium.

The ironic experience for me is that I have been surprised at the different reactions from men and women. Somehow I expected men to think them more humorous, and women would probably think I was mentally unbalanced. By and large, it has been exactly the opposite. Women normally crack up, (no pun intended) and men say, "Wolverton, you are one sick dude. Seek help immediately!"








8. BRIDES NIGHTMARE. A young virgin on the eve of her marriage had nightmare about fucking.

9. SPIRITUAL DONKEY. I have no idea how this came to being except it was in the scribbled line.

10. RASTA PELICAN. Ditto........................................................................................................

11. PRIMORDIAL INSECT. Ditto ditto, but here some kind of leftover angst of my Southern Baptist days.

12. ENLIGHTENED ELEPHANT. Later on some negative feelings I have about Republicans showed.

13. PICASSO SITS. It helps to be an art-snob to get this kind of glossy magazine art consciousness.

14. PIN CUSHION. Oddly enough this just so happened to be number 14, in my own peculiar station view.

I have debated whether I should ever shown any of these drawings to anybody, and the conclusion about myself is this: if I actually took any of this serious or found my self getting erotically excited by it, there would be good reason to burn it all and never mention where my my mind had been; obviously as far as my own view of me, that is not the case. It is as I have stated, simply satire based on several levels of taboo, much of course as history of humanity has shown, based on sex. 

What I realize, is when I show these drawings to a person in front of me, their reaction often reveals very much about their own secret natures, and as a pattern, it seems many men are much more "hung up" about kinky views of sex than women. It appears to me, that men are much more intimidated by their latent sexual potential than women ever are. My own estimation of it is that just a normal heterosexual condition between a man women is as weird as any other inclination, excluding cruelty, sadism and  pedophile shit.

My email is at the top of the page should you care to comment one way or the other. Within the next few weeks I shall put a small publication together which will be available at various galleries and outlets, depending on the courage of the proprietors. After the recent hubbub of the Danish cartoonist showing a Mullah with a bomb turban that caused Islamic riots around the world, I hate to think of the many religious and civic cults who may put a death sentence on my brand of satire. The reality of what people actually do is pathetic but funnier.








15. MIDDLE-EAST HAND-JOB. I have no particular affection for any religion so no intention is meant other than hypocrisy and hatred is a disease that afflicts the best of humanity.

16. MAN-DOG CHASING TAIL. I have had dogs all of my life. Their  philosophy: If you can't eat it, fuck it. If you can't fuck it, piss on it. Some men might believe that.

17. GYPSY DREAMS...I have known short guys who wanted  to be tall, flat girls who wanted huge boobs, and me I'm poor, I want money...

18. SNAKE DREAMS...yeah, so why do some women fear snakes so much? I once knew an 85 lb. stripper who danced with a 90 lb. python wrapped around her.

19. VULTURE BALLET...You have to remember, all of these drawings started out as scribbles.

20. SEX POT PLANT. Now if I was really a pervert this would turn me on. So what is passion fruit?

21. FUNNEL VISION. If I am making fun of anybody here it is probably me. Beer is my Achilles heal.

This is the 4th part of this terrible side I am revealing.  I have not had one DEATH THREAT or even a comment, so I must presume I am am just doing this to amuse myself.








22. JAPANESE GRANDMA contemplating a fuzzy peach and a cucumber.

23. SCHUSSING OLD BALDY, and hey what the hell...

24. BOY MEATS GIRL, and that is not too unusual.

25. GABRIEL BLOWS HIS HORN, and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

26. FRENCH SURVIVAL TECHNIQUE for nuclear attack, which is not too surprising.

27. BUCK BALLHEAD really was a Testicular Pilot.

28. BLIND OBSESSION SYNDROME,  which most of us have some part of it...

At this point I have no idea what any of theses drawings represent, let alone their meaning, so I will leave it to you.








29. Jesus Shits on Church Chair.

30. Freda Kalor has Second Thoughts.

31. Salvidor Dali Dreams he is a Ballet Artist.

32. Sticky Tongue Frog Snares Rare Dork Beetle.

33. Venus De Milo Grows Arms Back and a Head Set.

34. Three Wise Men.

35. Contortion Artist.



More of these and then on to bigger and better things...








36. Two Happy Hookers

37. Man Falls In Love With Best Friend

38. A picking Problem Solved

39. Prince Charles Relaxing

40. Mystic Hooka

41. Man Nails Down Problem

42. Man Passes Out When Blood Rushes to His Head

Okay we are nearly at the 50 point, and that is all you get of this debauched series for free...









43. Three-Headed spider

44. A Constriction Artist

45. Helium Angel

46. Mickey Puzzels Tail

47. Man Balances on Balls

48. Salvidor Dali Gets Abreast

49. Chasing the Bucks